Pasquale's Angel book cover
Pasquale's Angel

Florence in the year 1518 is riven by scientific and sociological change caused by the wonderful devices of the Great Engineer, Leonardo da Vinci. Now he is old and lives as a recluse working behind the walls of his castle. The Raphaelites, artists and anti-technologists led by Raphael of Urbino, call for his excommunication. Pasquale di Cione Fiesole, an apprentice painter witnesses an assassination attempt on Raphael at a Cathedral service. The weapon falls into his hands, and he is soon on the run from engineers and artists, desperate to prove his innocence.


'More than an alternate history and more than an action-packed thriller, though it can be enjoyed on those levels too ... McAuley juggles the various plots well, never letting the reader get lost amongst the shifting motives and alliances.' --- Washington Post Book World

'One of the most brilliantly realized alternate history novels I've encountered.' --- Science Fiction Chronicle

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