Paul McAuley


Very British coverA Very British History

A collection of twenty-three stories available on Kindle from and 

Selected by the author from his output across a quarter of a century, this landmark collection contains the very finest science fiction stories by one of Britain's foremost masters of the genre. From sharply satirical alternate histories to explorations of the outer edges of biotechnology, from tales of extravagant far futures to visions of transformative challenges of deep space, the showcase the reach and restless intelligence of a writer Publishers Weekly has praised as being 'one of the field's finest practitioners.'

Players coverPlayers

A reprinted novel available on Kindle from and 

What links a teenage girl found fatally injured in the forests of Oregon two hundred mile from her home, the mutilated corpse of a young man in the achingly empty salt flats of the Nevada desert, and the designer of an online computer game?

As rookie detective Summer Ziegler, pitched headlong into her first major case, tries to unpick the killer's twisted logic, he lures her into a cat-and-mouse game with a spectacular climax of his own devising . . .

'McAuley has dragged the cyber-thriller firmly into the 21st century.' Daily Mirror

Mind's Eye coverMind's Eye

A reprinted novel available on Kindle from and 

When Alfie Flowers chances on a strange piece of graffiti daubed on the window of a North London restaurant, it triggers a flashback to a childhood accident that left him with a peculiar form of epilepsy. Convinced that the elusive graffiti artist, 'Morph', possesses clues to his past, Alfie sets out to track him down. His search leads him to the mysterious Nomads Club, the rituals of a lost tribe, and a secret history of espionage and mind-altering patterns - glyphs - connected with the disappearance of his father. 

The source of the glyphs is hidden somewhere in the chaos of post-war Iraq. Deep inside an ancient network of caves lie powerful secrets sought by people with dangerous and sinister motives. People who are determined to do whatever it takes to prevent Alfie and the Nomads Club from interfering with their plans.

'Throbbing with edgy anticipation . . . like an action movie with a heart and mind.' Independent

Short-listed for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award.

Life after wartime coverLife After Wartime

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Three long stories and twelve short stories and snapshots set in the aftermath of a short, sharp asymmetrical war between Earth and colonists of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and in the subsequent golden age of exploration and colonisation of the solar system. Shares the same future history as The Quiet War (short-listed for the Arthur C. Clarke Award), Gardens of the Sun (short-listed for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award), In the Mouth of the Whale, and Evening's Empires (also short-listed for the Campbell Award).

Dr P coverDr Pretorius and the Lost Temple

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London, 1832. Mr Carlyle knows a great deal about the matter of the dead. After he meets a young engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, at a seance, his investigations into strange events associated with the stalled Thames Tunnel project pit him against a wily necromancer, Dr Pretorius, and a curse as old as the city itself. A novelette, with a bonus short story describing one of Mr Carlyle's contemporary cases.

POA coverPrisoners of the Action

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The invasion of Earth has been defeated. Alien prisoners-of-war are being interrogated in an air base on a remote tropical island. But as Captain Franklin Dice soon discovers, in this cross between a maximum security prison and a summer camp for mad scientists, it isn't easy to work out who is really in charge. A novella.

SFTQW coverStories from the Quiet War

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After the end of the Quiet War, the victorious forces from Earth have taken control of the cities and settlements of the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. In 'Making History' and 'Karyl's War', the victors and the defeated discover that defining the end of the war isn't easy. In 'Incomers', a young visitor from Earth learns of an unexpected reconciliation. In 'Second Skin', a spy attempting to kidnap a valuable gene wizard discovers that he isn't quite what he thought he was. And in 'Reef', the discovery of a fast-evolving ecosystem of vacuum organisms in a planetoid in the Kuiper Belt has far-reaching implications for the spread of life throughout the Solar System.

A collection of five stories, including a previously unpublished novella, set in the universe of the author's novels The Quiet War and Gardens of the Sun

LM coverLittle Machines

Available on Kindle from  and 

Monsters! Alien invasions! Lost Worlds! Mad Scientists! Secret Histories! In the seventeen stories collected here, multiple award-winning author Paul McAuley takes a fresh look at staple themes spanning science fiction, horror, and alternate history. A hero who once helped repel an alien invasion, ruined by self-doubt after his bruising experiences in the eye of the media, must try to save the world all over again. Best-selling author Philip K. Dick confronts Richard Nixon and a conspiracy that has taken control of America. A book dealer discovers strange and dangerous rivals on the far side of the internet. A science-fiction fan explains why he became a serial killer. And in 'Cross Roads Blues', the course of American history hangs on the decision of an itinerant musician.

CotD coverCity of the Dead

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On a distant world littered with the ruins and artifacts of vanished civilisations, a small-town sheriff finds herself in the middle of a fight over ownership of an enigmatic - and deadly - biological mystery. A novelette set in the same post-first contact near future as the novel Something Coming Through.